Trump’s Chief Strategist: “Paul Ryan is a limp-d*ck motherf*cker”

Trump’s Chief Strategist: “Paul Ryan is a limp-d*ck motherf*cker”

Steve Bannon is the whiskey-soaked, white supremacist puppet master behind the ascendancy of Donald Trump, a rumple-suited hatemonger and human incubator for the anti-intellectualism and destabilization at the heart of Trumpism.

His firebomb approach to politics has made him deeply hated by the left, as well as cultivated many enemies within the Republican establishment, a disdain which he is apparently all too happy to reciprocate.

“Paul Ryan is a limp-d*ck motherf*cker who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation,” Bannon is reported to have said about the GOP Speaker of the House, according to a new book entitled Devil’s Bargain. The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank which exerts a great deal of influence on traditional Republican thinking.

Devil’s Bargain is written by Joshua Green, a reporter for Bloomberg. His book recounts the deep divisions and institutional disarray he witnessed within the Trump campaign’s 2016 push for the White House. HuffPost provided the excerpt.

In addition to the vulgar – yet accurate – estimation of Ryan by Bannon, the book also recounts a furious and strange exchange between Trump and his then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort. In the wake of a New York Times article alleging that Trump’s aides were making TV appearances in order to get his attention, Trump gathered his team for a war council.

“How can anybody allow an article that says your campaign is all f*cked up? You think you’ve gotta go on TV to talk to me? You treat me like a baby! Am I like a baby to you? I sit there like a little baby and watch TV and you talk to me? Am I a f*cking baby, Paul?” Trump exploded at Manafort. Business Insider provided the excerpt.

The irony of acting like an angry baby to protest what you perceive as someone treating you like a baby is something that only a man as lacking in self-awareness as Trump could execute.

The more we learn about the current administration, the clearer it becomes that they are a motley bunch of petulant, temperamental stooges deeply unqualified and unsuited to run the most powerful country in the world.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.