Ayahuasca: A Guide For Tourists Impatient To Try The Shamanic Brew

Ayahuasca, chasing this generation’s pop culture enlightenment elixir down the rabbit hole.

If you have heard of the exotic hallucinogen brew known as Ayahuasca lately, you’re not alone. You have also likely had never been to the Amazon rainforest. This is because of the explosion in popularity of the substance over the last few years, promising as feverishly as the snake-oil salesmen of the iconic acid craze which characterizes the American 60’s and 70’s.

The mixture is composed of two distinct organic compounds found in the flora of the Amazon rainforest. The mixture is a brewed synthesis, which combines the powerful hallucinogenic effects of one with a naturally occurring MAO inhibitor to make the synthesis orally active when ingested.

At the heart of both the mixture and it’s well-documented effects, noted by experienced users for being a particularly potent, is the chemical Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.

Not unlike its decades old cousin LSD, DMT today is being heralded by its proponents as the gateway to the future of consciousness, evolution and all the healthy spiritual growth your crystallized chakra field tachyon paradigm shift disrupt. You get what I’m saying.

In fairness, there is evidence that when used responsibly and in a coordinated manner, DMT can have positive psychological and potentially promising physiological effects on patients in addition to the personally profound experiences reported by test subjects.

However, one need not dig so deeply into the web to find that this miracle substance has another side to it, albeit less widely discussed. For starters, the immediate bodily response to the plant mixture is violent, to say the least. This is not a party drug and it sure as hell doesn’t look pleasant if you’ve ever seen it.

In addition to immediate and lasting waves of nausea, cold sweats and diarrhea, the effects of the drug are powerful and perhaps more frightening, long lasting. An Ayahuasca trip can last upwards of six hours and stimulates many regions of the brain that are highly regulated and often very specialized. This leads to a host of unusual perceptual, behavioral and psychological states.

The experience is said to a notably large number of its users to be life to change. Many of its advocates borrow from Freudian and Jungian concepts of the unconscious mind and collective human unconscious, in an attempt to relate the nature of the lived experience and it’s perceived effect on the individual after use. This is where the esoteric, spiritual lexicon that has developed surrounding DMT finds its origin.

Profound experiences, questions regarding medical viability, religious and spiritual freedom and quests for enlightenment all aside for a moment, let’s be clear, this is a controlled substance.

Like all controlled substances, DMT has unusual properties that make it the subject of interest for humans. Some of these properties may be useful to us, they may have medical applications including the treatment of certain psychological conditions and teasing death anxiety in terminal patients. However, also like other controlled substances (the majority of which are tightly regulated), it must be, well. Controlled.

Rythmia – the Ayahuasca Resort in Costa Rica

If you are willing to experience Ayahuasca, we can not stress enough the importance of being in a secure and safe environment.

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The Rythmia is a medically supervised resort, where visitors from all over the world seek healing from ‘the plant medicine’ (“La Medicina” the native word for “Ayuhuasca” in the Amazon).

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Rythmia Life Advancement Center – Costa Rica

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