12-Year-Old Child Appears On “Fox & Friends” To Praise Donald Trump And...

12-Year-Old Child Appears On “Fox & Friends” To Praise Donald Trump And Slam President Obama [WATCH HERE]

Donald Trump’s favorite “news” show is “Fox & Friends”, and it is easy to understand why. Monday morning the right-leaning program interviewed a 12-year-old girl who is a huge fan of Trump, and the co-hosts giggled as the young girl praised Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and slammed former President Obama as ineffectual.

The young Trump fan was “Millie”, who first came to prominence when she was interviewed at CPAC earlier this year, clad head-to-toe in Trump campaign garb.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt first asked young Millie what happened at her school after her candidate won the election.

Millie replied that she took the opportunity to taunt her fellow classmates with the popular pro-Trump refrain of “who’s our president?”

Next up, Steve Doocy asked Millie what she likes about Trump.

“He is doing an amazing job as president,” Millie said. “He is even trying to repeal Obamacare right now. He is doing the best job as a president can you ever do.”

And then, in what appeared to be a sad case of indoctrination, Millie said that Trump “has done more good in the past six months than Obama has in the past 8 years.”

Millie then showed off her Donald-emblazoned socks, backpack and nails. Earhardt lastly asked Millie if she plans to be the first female president, to which Millie said, “I have no idea, if the country needs me I will run. I don’t care about being the first female president.”


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